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Anticipating The Big Bite?

January 25, 2010

And it is that time of the year again where we anticipate what Mr Jobbs and his buddies over at Apple have cooked up for us. As usual the rumour mill has been filled with all kinds of teasers and the grand unveiling is two days away but I had to report what I’ve learnt.

There is a rumour of an Apple tablet. a device that is somewhere in between a computer and a smart phone, all touch screen. But along with this piece of information, Sky News today reported that Apple are supposedly in talks with publishers, magazines and news Papers to allow the new Tablet to become some kind of reading device on the go. This of course is not new in itself but what is potentially interesting is the potential for Apple’s increasing scores of Visually impaired and Dyslexic users.

If as Sky News predict, and Apple are in talks and continue their dedication to their own policy of universal access then this could mean that books, news papers and magazines would be as readily available to not just their sighted users but to all of their users.

As a student, I really hope for this tablet to be three things.
1. accessible
2. the ability to buy and read books with voice over.
3. Relatively affordable.

If Apple can pull this off, surely some of the educational hypocrites could change their attitudes. But as I just told someone on Twitter never get complacent.

I hope for all of these things and would be shocked and very disappointed if the tablet isn’t in the least accessible to Voice Over users. So we will see.

Other trinkets of goodies may include an Iphone 4.0 update. That may be very interesting. Wish they’d sort the battery lives out, seriously. I’m tired of charging mine. And I personally suspect a new shuffle but we will see.

I’ll update when I know more.
Later Apple heads!


Blind Babbles Episode 2 Show notes

June 28, 2009

In this podcast episode I do a few quick guides into a few of the IpHone 3 GS applications and a third party app.

I start off with the Ipod and be warned there are a few clips of music. I’m no expert as yet, so if I have missed things feel free to comment and Tel us your findings.

I venture into the calendar and show how to make a new appointment and delete it while viewing different calendars.

then move onto notes and voice memos, easily demonstrating landscape and portrait mode, then record a brief voice memo before moving onto Twittelator and demonstrate the screens and post a tweet and show how to reply.

Finally I discuss a little about the maps application and my views on its accessibility and functionality in regards to mobility.

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And I do apologise for the extra noise in the background. Enjoy the podcast and feel free to comment and I know i sound a little strange, 🙂