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Starbucks, Allergies and my Dog?

January 28, 2010

My friend and I went to Starbucks today to catch up and use their wifi. We were about to head upstairs when an employee called to us we couldn’t go up there. When we asked why, she said the dog wasn’t allowed upstairs. I said yes, he is, he’s a guide dog. She then proceeded to inform me that it wasn’t her but a company policy as someone may have an allergy. So I learnt a new thing today, people with allergies clearly sit upstairs in Starbucks.

As you can imagine, I was very unhappy. When we started to argue with her she told us it was OK but by that point, principle had kicked in and so my friend and I started to proceed downstairs. She said that she’d okayed our upstairs visit and I bluntly informed her that we would be taking our custom elsewhere and that she needn’t fear, I would be reporting this incident. When she said, again, it wasn’t her but the company policy I informed her that it was discrimination and my friend works for the Citizens Advice Bureau and my friend added that a strongly worded letter would be winging its way to headquarters.

I’ve always found Starbucks accommodating and cannot understand this sudden change. And the reason, wow, unbelievable. Allergies? OK, so the dog being down stairs where everyone orders drinks is so much better. And what on earth will they target next, people with perfume? Because there are thousands of allergens in the air at any given moment, my guide dog, a service dog, will not be the only thing that could cause an allergic reaction.