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ICal quick guide for your mac

January 29, 2010

ICal: Quick guide

Once you know how this app works you will love it. I’m running Snow Leopard up to date and only use the keyboard.

Ensure a few things first.
1. You’re in month view. hit cmd-3 to ensure this.
2. Make sure mini view is turned off.
3. You use VO rather than Tab.

To create an event first open ICal from the doc, [unless you moved it, its there]. Otherwise open from apps in finder.

To create a new event vo to the calendar list and vo to the calendar you want your event to be filed under, I.E. Home/work. uninteract with the table and vO to the calendar canvas and hit cmd-N, type what you want the event to be called, I.E. doctors’ App. Then VO right and interact with the events scroll area. The first edit box is location, fill or leave it, it’s up to you. Then if its all day, vo right and check the check box with vo space.
To set the start date, vo right again until you hear the date and interact. You have to use VO and not just the arrow keys here otherwise setting the date does not work. So VO and change the dates as follows.
Year. [to change use VO up and down]
Month: [again VO-up/down]
Day: [VO-up/down to change day]
Next you change the time in the same way. Once you’ve finished stop interacting and move over with VO to set an end day and time if necessary in the same fashion by interacting, VO to the left or right to set each field and use Up or down to change the field. Think of it like a table. You VO across to highlight the year/month/day/hour/minute/Am or PM and then you move the increments with your VO–UP/Down. I guess it looks a little like a graph for those mathematics out there.

the next selection you can make is the time zone. Mostly this would be left at the default which would be your local mac’s time.
Then it’s the repeat option.
VO-space to open the pop up menu and select at your own preference.
Then if its repeated the next field is when you want the repetition to end. vo-space to select this.
Our next field is show As which will display if you’re free or busy at this time. VO-space to change the setting with the pop up menu.
Then if you haven’t selected which calendar you wanted to select you can do it here, whether its work/home/school. It’s another pop up menu so go ahead and use VO-space to open the menu and vo-up/down to change your setting.
You can set an alarm next. Default Ical sets a message with alert but you can set an email if you prefer.
The next field will be when you want your alarm to go off if you have set one. This is just a text edit box to put the number of hours or minutes, days. The next pop up is minutes/hours/days.
You can then set a second alarm if you like so if you want an email reminded and an alert sound at different times you can set a second alarm next in the same way as you did previously.
The next field is invitees so if you want to invite friends to your event you can hit the button and it will give you the option to do this.
You can then add a file if you desire. [I’ve not used this feature so I cannot give guidance here]
Url and notes are the final two fields and are both text areas.

Once you’ve edited the information stop interacting with the events scroll area and VO-right and hit done. If your event changes then highlight it in the calendar scroll area and hit cmd-E to edit and do it in the same way I just demonstrated.

You can get the entire information of your event by highlighting it in the canvas scroll area and hitting CMD-I.

The important thing to remember in this app is to use VO as much as possible and the app will work for you very well.

To delete an event.
Highlight the calendar you want to view in the calendar table and then vo-right and interact with the calendar canvas. Highlight the event and hit backspace. If the wrong month is in view, hit cmd-left/right arrow and it will take you to the previous or next months.