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An article on

February 7, 2011

I was just checking my emails an in my Guide Dogs inbox, I found this amazingarticle.  It talks about how mobile phones are becoming the guide dogs of the future, can’t leave home without them.


There is a lot of reference to the iPhone which makes me happy and seeing other users talking about using them alongside your guide dog as a mobility aid is awesome. Great article, you guys should read it.

An Exciting Partnership, with a football club and Guide Dogs

February 7, 2011

Last September or so, our district fundraiser for Greater Manchester nominated and won the opportunity to be sponsored by City In the Community.  This is a charitable branch of the UK premier football club Manchester City.  This was exciting for the Manchester branch which I am a member to gain fundraising opportunities for Guide Dogs in the Greater Manchester area.


The club has sponsored five Guide Dog Puppies and opened up  a competition to its junior supporters. A supporter under 16 years of age can email the club and suggest a name. Winning names, selected by the club will be the name of one of the five puppies and the winner will get a full day out at the Atherton training centre in Greater Manchester, accompanied by two first team players. They will be able to meet puppies in training and current guide dog owners and their dogs to show how these great animals can make a difference.


As part of the launch, Bailey and I went along with our district fundraiser during yesterday’s fixture against West Brom at the city of Manchester Stadium. This is Bailey’s third trip to Man-City’s home ground and probably the biggest.


As part of this visit, we were escorted to the press room where we waited for our contact and during half time, we entered the pitch and chatted with the half time entertainer guy. I have no idea what his job title is 🙂

So during this quite eventful moment, Bailey is sitting on the pitch of one of the biggest clubs and taking it all in his stride. We launched the competition, explained what it was going to be for and I was asked how important Bailey was to me as a visually impaired person. Of course, I said, he’s essential to my mobility needs. And then for photos. Well, the loyal little friend of mine, took this in his stride and acted like photo shoots were a part of his every day activities as a guide dog, I can assure you, they are not. 🙂


I was proud of him, as I always am and absolutely honoured to be given that opportunity. So good luck to anyone who is entering this cool competition and I want to take this moment to thank Manchester City’s charitable branch, City in the Community for choosing guide dogs and furthering our efforts as fundraisers and boosting awareness for what Guide dogs do. 🙂