How much I appreciate My Guide Dog

On Saturday I went to the movies and on the way home from the city, on a very packed bus, I missed my stop. I got off of the bus with only a vague idea of where I was. But my trusted four legged friend trotted along side me, confident and determined to get us home.

Guide dogs don’t know where they are going but I think that night Bailey had a clue that we had to get home and the fact he’d not had his dinner yet probably helped that matter. I knew which direction to head in and maybe this is Bailey’s personality, everything does seem like a huge adventure to him but he confidently guided me even though for around 10 minutes I had no clue where I was. It was dark and we don’t often work in the dark although he is pretty good late on at night if we do work in the dark but I was simply touched on how well my pup worked.

Once I knew where we were, it was almost like he knew I’d taken over the reins again, as we were passing a wall he had a little sniff which I corrected him for and we trotted home merrily.

Having him that night, just clarified for me as it often does, why I wanted a dog and why I wouldn’t be without one. He gives me so much independence with my mobility and the ability to get myself out of sticky navigational situations he is priceless to me and my life.

So thank you Bailey 🙂


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