My Apple Mac

With all the choices on the computer market nowadays, the general consumer has more choice than ever before. However, as a visually impaired user, the only option I want to have is mac and Apple products. Here’s why.

On Thursday, I turned my trusty macbook 13 inch, 2008 model white onto to check my email and such to discover it wouldn’t boot beyond the apple logo and timer thing. I was so upset. I love my macbook so much, it recently travelled to the US with me and if I don’t take the time to at least boot it once a day, I’m sick.

Anyway, I called Apple care and booked an appointment to see an Apple genius the next day. The problem I next had was that I had to pull out my old sony Vaio laptop that runs Windows XP and has a version of Jaws for windows running on it. It wasn’t a prospect I was looking forward too, let me tell you. Nevertheless, I loaded it up and encountered twitter issues with the program I have running on that laptop, then had issues setting up my gmail account in outlook express, followed by issues with not only importing music to itunes but getting the damn program to work correctly for me. I was still fighting with Itunes at lunchtime when I left to go to my apple appointment.

I never realized how counter-intuitive windows was, and I missed my specialized features that voice over on the mac offers, such as spelling as I type. I missed hearing, “misspelled” which happens frequently when I’m typing a lot. Itunes was a complete nightmare, how anyone uses that program on windows with a screen reader is beyond me. And the screen reader itself frustrated me beyond belief, freezing on several occasions, jumping on others, it was just a nightmare I do not want to repeat.

Hasten to add, my macbook was fixed and is happily being used again. I know some people prefer windows but for me, it is mac all the way. snow Leopard can keep purring happily inside my pretty white macbook with voice over being its Captain. ☺


2 Responses to “My Apple Mac”

  1. janette Says:

    Hi, I know what you mean by jaws and windows. I gave up on it 2 weeks ago when I bought my very first macbook with voice over and I even managed without any lessons to set up my email and internet. Fair chuffed with myself as a blind person I had to frequently ask a sighted friend for assistance if my old laptop did another crazy thing. Not that it was old but I got cheesed off with windows and all its updates I didn’t want. I love my macbook already and am seen with a constant grin on my face and will respond to anyone and say – I love my Macbook. I will encourage all my blind friends to pop into their nearest apple store to try the new voice over and not to be scared of changing over.

    I am so impressed with my macbook, it has made me love using email adn hte internet again without getting frustrated every time I turned on my old windows laptop with jaws. It often crashed and shuddered to dead slow and stop. I can easily tidy up my laptops and get rid of junk but with the windows I got so frusstrated at teh constant battle to do teh simplest task I knew it was time for a change for me.

    I should hve moved to a macbook earlier but was frightened to make the change – shakes head – silly me.

    BTW Did I tell you – “How much I love my macbook?”

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