My dog: the only child I need

I have joked about this for a long time but it only truly hit me how much I really treat my guide dog as my child today.

I have had Bailey for almost three and a half years now. He turned five in July and he is spoilt. Before I have anyone pointing fingers, I don’t mean I over feed him or let him be bad without discipline, I just mean he has lots of love and lots of toys and so many comfortable places to relax on in the house. He has a strict diet and I have never, and yes, I mean never have given him anything he shouldn’t have unless i’m attempting to coheres him into taking worming pills. He’s walked pretty much every day and I try to free run him once a week.

Here is a list of things Bailey owns.
about three bones
around 10 cuddly toys
a catching ball thing
several tug toys
a rope Frisbee
a cushion bed
a soft fabric basket
and so much more.

So let me tell you why, today it hit me how much I treat my beautiful Bailey like my child. We were walking by the park and Bailey loves this park, and he indicated he wanted to go and I stood there, patting his head, as a mother would pat their child consolingly and said: [yes, these exact words escaped my lips]
“Not today Bailey. we can’t go to the park today, darling. Maybe another day when the men aren’t busy cutting the grass”.

As I lifted his handle again, I found myself thinking as Bailey plodded along again, wow, he really is your child.

The bond between guide dog owners and their dogs is strong and it is meant to be that way and personally, give me a dog over a child any day of the week. I like kids, but having them twenty-four-seven does not appeal to me at this moment in my life. Bailey will go to bed when instructed, leave you alone when you’re busy, as long as you feed him, exercise him, toilet him, brush him, love and cuddle him, not to mention keep him healthy, he is the happiest thing alive.

So, as the title indicates, my dog, the only child I need.


3 Responses to “My dog: the only child I need”

  1. chricket Says:

    Yeah who needs kids like seriously? I’d rather have a guide dog then a child any day. I used to think that i wanted 1 but watching my sisster with her 3 kids, i’m like na give me a guide dog. I really want 1, but I’m going to wait til I’m settled before I can even think about such a huge commitment. šŸ™‚

  2. Alena Says:

    I’ve always thought of my guide dog as my child, she just happens to have four legs. I love that caring for her is so much easier than having a human child, and she will always love me no matter what. I think she is the best child I could ask for. Thanks Midge for being my guide and my kid.

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