Iphone, what it proposes?

So with the introduction of the new iphone from apple tomorrow, many hopes within the visually impaired community are high. I am one of those people who hopes are rising by the moment. I have an appointment booked for tomorrow to play with the iphone for an hour. I hope it will meet my satisfaction.

Voice over being introduced onto a touch screen is beyond anything any of us could have comprehended for another year or so. What with the apps and the possibilities of new apps being developed with accessibility in mind, the possibilities seem endless. But do they? Is this another hope that might get dashed? I guess that with time we will only tell.

This time tomorrow, I may have more answers. But for now I will leave you with this thought,
Apple have already achieved things beyond my mind, so only time and experience will tell.


One Response to “Iphone, what it proposes?”

  1. webalfee Says:

    Applause to Apple. Have fun dear friend.

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