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Myspace and Accessability

July 26, 2007

If anyone has a myspace account, and uses a screen reader or has low vision, you will know that the new measures of security are not only keeping hackers and fishers out but are also keeping visually impaired people out also.

If you want to edit your profile or leave a comment on certain profile pages, you are no longer able too. The code that you now have to enter, also known as a capture, is impossible for anyone with sight issues to do so independently. I am currently researching this and I am about to contact the disability Rights commissions in the UK to see if what myspace is doing is in fact legal. I have talked on 2 forums about this issue and some people are supportive while others are taking a very blazae approach.

If anyone has had a similar issue, please leave me a comment or message me. And visit,
V.I.P Central
which is my website for the bvisually impaired community. Very new so everyone’s input would be great!



July 20, 2007

I am starting this blog as a blind young person to express my frustrations about the world in which we live. I want other people to know that they’re not on their own out there and that their frustrations, worries, concerns and experiences, whether good or bad, are not single incidences. Please feel free to email me or leave comments.
Everything from school, education, government, every day people, techical problems will be addressed here. and if anyone has anything they’d like me to discuss, please message me also.